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Our Private Air Charter division reserves private jets, light aircrafts or helicopter charters for business or leisure; we make sure our clients are both safely and seamlessly chartered to any destination in the world and at any given moment’s notice. Our agents take care of all of the logistics that our clients may request, such as providing celebrity menus created by world-renowned chefs beforehand, providing access to an on-board physician if needed, beautifying the cabin with white carnations and much more.


Our Private Yacht Charter division reserves a professionally trained crew along with mega yachts, sailing yachts, luxury motor yachts and more to individuals or groups who wish totravel any of the seven seas. Our clients may explore the richness of Mother Nature’s route, making memories as they journey to their destination while also having24/7 access to the Internet and telephone via ultra-sophisticated satellite systems. Clients may relax and unwind with innovative surround-sound theater systems and exquisite meals created to their liking and prepared by a team of professional chefs at any desired time of day or night.


Our Luxury Cruise Planning division works with clients to help design the unique luxury cruise getaway of their dreams. Clients may indulge in the same luxury amenities offered in a ritzy hotel, such as 24-hour,on-call butler service, fine linen bedding, 24/7 gym access and much more. Clients can cruise worry-free while enjoying the spectacular entertainment on the ship, the spacious cabins to wind down in, and the option of going on exciting excursions with private tour guides by their side. Our company ensures that our clients venture on their dream journey with food and wine that pleases their palates.


Our VIP Commercial Airline Ticketing division ensures that our clients are comfortably, safely and seamlessly booked on a flight so that they may arrive at their destination anywhere in the world, at any given moment’s notice. We cater to clients traveling for business or leisure, and we incorporate the client’s preferences regarding space and privacy within the cabin when we book the client’s desired flight. Not every client wishes to travel via private jet; we take care of all of our clients’ needs by reserving First Class or Business Class seats based on the clients’ needs. If a client has an impromptu meeting that they need to attend on the same day of booking their flight, our highly qualified staff will, to their best of our ability, get the client on their flight that same day. We are here to take care of our clients when these time-pressing matters ensue.


Our VIP Airport Handling division facilitates travel for business or leisure purposes; our agents make sure our clients are comfortably, safely and seamlessly taken care of in the process of traveling to their destination anywhere in the world, at any given moment’s notice. If the client wishes, we can arrange transportation to and from the airport. We can arrange a pre-check-in and pre-seating before our driver punctually picks up the client. Our agent may escort the client directly from the curb, through customs and security, to VIP lounge access while waiting for the flight, and directly to priority boarding either before all passengers have entered the plane or after all passengers have been seated. Regulations and restrictions vary at every airport; we do our best to make sure this process is fluidly facilitated if indeed an agent is unable to accompany the client every step of the way from curb to seat. An agent is waiting to meet the client when the plane lands regardless of any delays that may occur. Our trained staff then escorts the client to his/her driver at a convenient curbside location and handles the client’s entire luggage. It’s all in a day’s work!


Our Private Tours, Excursions and Itineraries division has affiliates all over the world with whom we work with to ensure that our clients experience nothing less than a comfortable, safe, seamless, memorable and enjoyable vacation. Factors such as weather and construction are always accounted for as best as possible. Our connoisseurs of travel are also able to provide to the client enhanced activity recommendations based on the client’s desired experience, such as VIP access to museums and sites or private tours and excursions that highlight a particular destination, in locations such as Japan, Istanbul, Egypt, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Italy, England, Hong Kong and more! If the client so desires, our agents may put together a detailed itinerary of his/her trip that explicitly provides all of the logistics, such as maps, weather, time allowances, locations, durations, dress codes, contact information, and recommended and suggested notes that are necessary to efficiently and comfortably prepare for the days of travel.


Our Luxury Hotel Selections and Arrangements division has affiliates all over the world at the best five-star hotels that money can buy. Even if a hotel is booked, our staff has cultivated relationships with the hotels’ staff so that we can assure our clients will be accommodated. Our agents cater to clients’ personal requests and preferences at any given moment’s notice.ys of travel.


Whether our clients wish to immerse themselves in the culture of the country they are visiting or desire to stay in a luxury home or villa, our qualified agents are here to make our clients’ dream vacations come true!


Our Dinner Arrangements division has affiliates all over the world at restaurants and eateries where we can arrange for the client to enjoy cuisines from a country’s top restaurants or an exquisite meal prepared by one of the country’s top chefs. Our client’s request is our demand!


Our Special Event Ticketing division can arrange at a moment’s notice for our clients to get tickets to any type of event, whether it be at the opera, the Olympics or front row seats to a championship game. Luxury car services are always provided to take the client to every event. We can make it happen!