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The Bodyguard Services of Beverly Hills has a proven track record for excellence in the personal and executive protection industry. Drawing on over 25 years of experience meeting the needs of affluent and high-profile individuals, The Bodyguard Services of Beverly Hills was established to provide the highest quality protection available to celebrities, political dignitaries, professional athletes, royalty, and other affluent individuals.

With a wide range of highly trained bodyguards on staff, many of which have extensive special ops, police, or military backgrounds, our protection personnel are some of the best in the industry, capable of handling any situation.

The world of today is a dangerous place; newspaper articles abound with reports of robberies, assaults, murders, bombings and terrorist acts. For the average individual, simply walking to the supermarket can be rife with danger. How much more so for a celebrity, politician, businessman, or public figure?

At The Bodyguard Services of Beverly Hills, your personal safety and the safety of your colleagues, friends and family is our topmost priority. Whether you need unarmed guards for crowd control, an armed escort on a shopping trip, or an armed battalion of ex-special ops for a classified business trip to Beirut, we can help. Our bodyguards are some of the most qualified, highly-trained in the world and are ready on a moment’s notice to travel anywhere in the world to meet your security needs.